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Mr. Big Duck is the grown-up persona of Pato from the Kid's TV Pocoyo. There are multiple parallels between him and Wubby Z.

Origins Edit

During a call, Robert and Bossclips were reminded of Pocoyo. They had watched the episode "Mr. Big Duck", in which Pato feels too young (for some reason) and wants to be grown up. He find a pair of shades, and (after a comedic bit of wearing them as a bra) puts them on and become his new persona: Mr. Big Duck. He goes around, doing fly-ass poses and strutting like he has a business meeting in Boston this morning at 9 O'clock. He meets Pocoyo, who wants to play blocks with him. Mr. Big Duck scuffs at him, as he is too grown up for such childish nonsense. He then poses so hard, Pocoyo nuts. Mr. Big Duck then gives Pocoyo shades, and then pose together. They then approach Sleepy Bird, and allow him to dawn the shades as well. Strutting around, they notice Elly on some dumb ass scooter. She somehow resists the sexual appeal of Mr. Big Duck and his crew, and leaves. Mr. Big Duck doesn't give a fock, though. Pocoyo and Sleepy Bird eventually betray Mr. Big Duck, but he quickly moves on. Mr. Big Duck is tempted to bounce balls, and his fabulous shades fall off. He is then forced to betray his new found fly-ness to rejoin his stupid ass friend. Truly a tragedy of our time.

Videos Edit

Pocoyo - Mr Big Duck (HQ)

Pocoyo - Mr Big Duck (HQ)

Mr. Big Duck's first, and only, appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • He doesnt need eyes. His shades replace them
  • No connection to Duckman
  • This is character is similar to Mr. L from Super Paper Mario
  • He is freaking fly
  • He is hecking fly
  • He is freaking, hecking fly
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